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Richard M. Hambly ("Rick"), W2GPS

CNS Systems, Inc. was formed in January, 1996 and is dedicated to providing communication, navigation and surveillance solutions for the commercial and military transportation industries. CNS Systems provides both products and consulting services in support of this mission.

Business activities have focused on the design and implementation of communications, navigation and surveillance systems for the aerospace industry, especially local and wide area data networks, VHF voice and data communications, satellite communications, and GPS-based navigation, surveillance and precision time systems.

CNS Systems' expertise includes systems engineering, hardware design and development, software design and development for both stand-alone and embedded systems, and digital signal processing. A close working relationship with other companies provides CNS Systems and our customers with access to the latest in RF, communications, computer and manufacturing capabilities.

As an example, CNS Systems developed CNS Ground Stations for the FAA and the U.S. Navy. The CNS Ground Station provides interfaces between ACARS, D8PSK (Mode-2) and STDMA (Mode-4) GNSS air-ground data links and ground sensors and networks such as the AMASS/ASDE-3 surface surveillance radar and the Navy's Range Safety network. It also provides an operator console for message traffic handling, system diagnostics and data collection. The system was successfully installed and demonstrated in the air traffic control tower at Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport and at PAX River Naval Air Warfare Center.

As president of CNS Systems, I have 40 years experience designing communications and control systems, with experience in key programs such as:

I would like to offer the services of CNS Systems, Inc. specifically in the roles of system design, integration, development, implementation, installation and/or testing.

Richard M. Hambly