Communications, Navigation And Surveillance Solutions

CNS Systems provides both products and services.

  • RF Data Communication
  • GPS Navigation Solutions
  • GPS Precision Timing
  • Data Communications Networks
  • System integration
  • Navigation/surveillance displays

The CNS Clock II

The CNS Clock II

The CNS Clock II is a GPS clock with high accuracy one-pulse-per-second outputs and comes standard with Tac32Plus software that manages the clock and keeps your computer's time synchronized to GPS. A variety of options are available and customized versions are available if you have special needs. The manual is available here.


TAC32Plus Main Screen

Tac32 embodies everything we have learned over the years about what users need to set up and manage a precision timing and Differential GPS station.

Tac32Plus has all the features of Tac32 plus it adds advanced capabilities that support professional applications:

  • Time Interval Counter(TIC) module.
  • Remote control of logging functions via TCP/IP.
  • Built-in SNTP time server.
  • Ability to run as a service under Windows NT/2000/XP.
  • Can run multiple instances of Tac32Plus/Multi with separate registry trees and serialization files.
  • Can simultaneously manage up to eight Time Interval Counters (TICs).

The CNS Clock

The CNS Clock

Discontinued and out of stock. Replaced by the CNS Clock II, above. Options, upgrades and repairs are still available, however.

A GPS clock with precision dual 1 PPS signals on 50 ohm buffered outputs, dual 9-pin RS-232 ports, a high efficiency 9-28 volt input switching power supply and the ability to keep your computer's clock calibrated set this clock apart from others on the market.

CNSC01-PA - Front and Rear Panel Upgrade Kit for CNS Clock. CNS Clocks with serial numbers up to 801154 were manufactured with an applique for the front and rear panels. Panels from 801155 through 801218 have first generation silkscreened panels. Many of these panels are in need of replacement. This kit replaces the panels with modern silkscreened panels that use rugged epoxy paint and will improve the look and durability of these early clocks. The clock must be returned to CNS Systems for this upgrade.