The CNS Ground Station

Components of a CNS Ground Station:

The CNS ground station is the heart of an air-ground data communications system. It is much more than a data radio because it manages the interface between the air-ground data links and the ground based applications. Traditional ACARS systems carry Air Operational Control (AOC) messages between airline host computers and commercial aircraft. Future systems will support a wider variety of communications including GPS and radar target position reports, Air Traffic Control (ATC) messages, and Differential GPS corrections.

Example: A Proposed Stand-alone ACARS System

CNSGS Example

In this example a few VHF data communications sites are strategically placed in a country to provide the coverage and redundancy desired. Each data communications site has one or more data link transceivers providing the physical and channel access protocol layers and a CNS Ground Station computer providing the link and networking protocols. These sites are linked to a central hub which provides system services and links to the end users.

Note that this system could easily support any of the data link technologies indivifually or simultaneously. This provides a transition capability for ACARS aircraft.

Example: Single Mode Block Diagram 1

Single Mode Block Diagram 1

An uninterruptable power supply with backup generator capable of powering the site as required to meet site availability goals will also be required.

Example: Dual Mode Block Diagram

ACARS and STDMA data links

Dual Mode Block Diagram